Congratulations Jan. 2012 Dual Cert class held at John Logan College, Carbondale, IL for a 100% written exam pass rate for both certifications!!!!!!!!! 10 students - 20 exams - 100% !!!!!!!

We will soon have a new look. BPI Affiliates are in the process changing over to BPI Testing Centers. A few things will change, mainly the way exams are conducted and exam pricing. All future exams starting February 2012 will be video taped. Exam proctors will no longer be able to teach students they are proctoring. I have long advocated a policy of field proctor oversight to eliminate puppy mill certifications. Though this added burden of video and cost to the Affiliate (Test Center) is not what I had in mind, the result will hopefully be the same with BPI Certifications held in high regard.

EEC Training class for BPI Dual Certification exams- BPI, ACCA, STL County SAVES
Our Dec. 5 - 13th, 2011 training class for BPI Dual Certification exams is being held in cooperation with MO Botanical Gardens Earthways Center has been awarded 13 BPI CEUs and 27 ACCA PEUs.
This is our lowest cost training for BPI Dual Certification exams ever! Don't miss you opportunity to become a BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional with this low price and gain those needed BPI CEUs or ACCA PEUs!

MO Botanical Gardens Green Homes festival was a success, we gathered many names of folks interested in our Alternative Living - Strawbale building workshops.

EEC Training for BPI Dual Certification exams
The latest EEC training for BPI Dual certification given through MO Botanical Gardens Earthways Center was a very successful class. Consisting of 5 HVAC Professionals, 2 Insulation Professionals, 1 BPI BA-RESNET Rater, and the SAVES-HUG programs coordinator for MO Botanical Gardens Earthways Center, Matt Steen, this class had varied professional background making a well rounded course and good discussions. Thank you all for attending and hope the BPI certifications earned open new avenues of business and career advancement.

Saint Louis County SAVES Program
If you are a contractor of energy efficiency products or services (insulation, HVAC, windows, etc.), now is the time to boost your potential business by participating in the SAVES program. Gaining BPI Certification is the 1st step. All contractors participating must have a BPI dual certified professional on staff. Gaining BPI certification will also allow your company to participate in Home Performance With Energy Star (HPWES) administered through Missouri Botanical Gardens Earthways Center. Training costs for this BPI dual certification will NEVER be lower!
Class to be held at MO Botanical Gardens August 8 - 16
Contact Korey Hart -MO Botanical Gardens Earthways Center for training details.

Summer Sun and Home Comfort
Are you keeping drapes or blinds closed in an attempt to make a room tolerable?
Air conditioner just can't seem to keep up?
Those sky lights like giant room heaters?

Stopping solar radiation BEFORE it enters that West or South facing window can greatly increase room comfort and reduce the load on your HVAC system and your energy bill.
Solar radiation is short wave radiation and passes right through glass, once it strikes an object inside the glass it is absorbed, reflected or transmitted as long wave or earthly radiation. Earthly radiation that is reflected or transmitted is 100% absorbed by the glass, 50% is radiated back inside and 50% is radiated into the glass unit super heating the gas between the glass panes causing room comfort issues and premature seal failure of the insulated glass unit.
1. SHADES or CURTAINS: Placing shades or curtains on the window interior stops the solar radiation from penetrating deep into the room but does not stop the room from being heated as the window covering absorbs, reflects, and radiates that now earthly radiation into the room toward the ceiling.
2. WINDOW FILMS: Putting window films on the interior window surface does block the solar radiation but it also reflects that radiation back into the glass unit as earthly radiation which again super heats the glass unit causing premature seal failure. Window manufactures will void the warranty of windows that have had films adhered to them.
3. AWNINGS: Awnings or overhangs are very efficient at eliminating solar radiation but the installed cost can make them cost prohibitive.
4. SOLAR SCREENS: The only cost effective, correct solution. Solar screens block 90+% of solar radiation BEFORE it strikes the windows exterior eliminating room discomfort, fading of interior surfaces, reducing HVAC loads, increasing room comfort and reducing energy bills.
ADD SOLAR SCREENS NOW! Summer is just beginning!
Contact Tom Ochsner EZ Snap Solar screen distributor/installer to assist in screening your windows or sky lights, even if those windows or sky lights do not currently have external screens. Tell him Environmental Energy Consultants sent you.

Environmental Energy Consultants BPI Affiliate training organization will be providing training for Dual BPI Certification exams to SAVES contractors August 8-12 and 15-16.
Contact Korey Hart -MO Botanical Gardens Earthways Center to training details.

Saint Louis County SAVES Program is a $10.4 million residential energy efficiency
low-interest rate financing program for home owners in St. Louis County - designed specifically for energy efficiency improvements to your home.
Now taking applications from St. Louis County home owners

Congratulations May, 2011 EEC training class for Building Analyst exams on a 100% written pass rate. On to the field classes and exam!

Congratulations April, 2011 EEC training class for Dual BPI Building Analyst and Envelope exams on a 100% field exam pass rate!!!
Congratulations April, 2011 EEC training class for Dual BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional exams on a 100% written pass rate!!! On to the field classes this week and the field exam to follow.
We will be holding class Monday in a very interesting 1920's balloon frame, Tuesday in a 1990's conventional home and Wednesday in a 1940's bungalow. This will be a very informative and interesting week! 

First let me say I am writing this because a radiant barrier manufacture/installer could have killed the homeowner, my crew, myself or anyone entering the attic. They installed this metalized foil material on top of frayed knob and tube wiring with wire splices not in junction boxes. Anyone touching this material could have been electrocuted!
OK let's talk about facts and fictions of radiant barriers.
A radiant barrier is described as a material having the properties of high reflectivity (>.9) and low emissivity (<.1) (The ability of a surface to emit radiation), typically a shiny metalized surface (aluminum).
A radiant barriers shiny surface MUST be exposed to free air space, meaning it cannot touch another object or it loses its radiant barrier qualities and becomes a conductor (which aluminum is very good at).
Typically installed on the bottom of roof sheeting or rafters, a radiant barriers property of emissivity is of importance as we are not reflecting radiant energy in this application.
Radiant barriers perform much more effectively in southern climate zones than northern zones, though in any zone, if an attic space is being used to house an air conditioning system and ductwork, a radiant barrier may be effective installed at the roof.
Unscrupulous installers of radiant barriers placing their products on top of attic insulation are not only selling the homeowner a sham but potentially causing home durability issues.
They are selling a perforated radiant barrier material to allow moisture laden warm air rising up from the home’s interior through the attic floors plumbing, wiring, wall top plate penetrations, chimney stacks, recessed lighting, attic access hatches, etc. to pass through the material. The problem is, in winter, if the attic floor penetrations are not air sealed, the warm moisture laden air will exfiltrate the home through these penetrations. When that moisture vapor contacts the cold surface of the aluminized radiant barrier material (at dew point temperature) it will condense into bulk water and drip right back down into the insulation or temporarily freeze and drip when it thaws.
WHY install a product that costs 5 times as much to reflect the heat back into the home as air sealing all the penetrations and stopping that heat and moisture from entering the attic in the first place?
THEY say the material is also reflecting the radiant heat back into the attic in the summer; well let’s look at the radiant barriers requirements again. IT MUST have free air space. When dust settles on the materials surface (begins almost immediately in an attic) the radiant barrier loses its reflectivity and emissivity properties. I had one manufacture/installer actually say “the material is not totally touching the insulation so it still works some”.
WOW, so we have a material that is maybe only 50% effective, causes potential moisture driven building durability issues and microbial growth for 5 times the cost of actually solving the problem. HMM???
I think I will hire someone who understands building science to solve energy issues rather than a snake oil radiant barrier salesman.  Attain the services of CERTIFIED BPI PROFESSIONALS.

Lets put these shysters out of business,
hire trained, qualified, BPI Certified Professionals who are offering a professional comprehensive audit to BPI standards.

Course Training/Schedule Page

A FREE event connecting employers, educators, public policy makers, and citizens for the future of our region's green economy.
Saint Louis University Center for Sustainability Busch Student Center, Saint Louis University – at the corner of Grand Avenue and Laclede
Date & Time: January 27 11 am - 4pm

Follow St Louis Green Web Link for more details -

MISSOURI HOMEOWNER UPGRADE and GEOTHERMAL PROGRAM Discussing program requirements, incentives and economic benefits.
            DATES: NOVEMBER 12th & 19th, 2010         TIME:  7pm – 8pm
LOCATION:  Union Fire House – 1401 W. Springfield Ave. Union, MO 63084

REM Design Software training for all MO DNR Certified Energy Auditors participating in Missouri Homeowner Upgrade and Geothermal Program Scheduled for November 4 - 5, 2010    (limited to 16 participants) (closed)
Develop your skills in using this required software through our 16 clock hour course
teaching REM data collection, data entry, report generation, improvement analysis, and work scope development. OTHERS MAY ATTEND

HOMEOWNERS ask how you can benefit by up to 70% off ENERGY EFFICIENCY UPGRADES to your home from the MISSOURI HOMEOWNER UPGRADE and GEOTHERMAL PROGRAM. Up to $17,000 SAVINGS!!!!!! PLUS a FREE $500 ENERGY AUDIT!
Congratulations EEC training for BPI Building Analyst exam class of November on a 100% written pass rate,waiting for results of field exams!!!! Good Luck (though with the knowledge, luck is not needed and this class does not need luck!)

Congratulations EEC training class for BPI Building Analyst certification exams of September on a
100% Pass Rate on your written and field exams!!!!
August 30, 2010
EEC "Hands On" Training Class for BPI Building Analyst Certification Exams
NEW CLASS SCHEDULED October 25th - November 2nd
To Register Call or Email
Debby Breeden
Program Coordinator, Customized Training
East Central College
Phone: (636) 584-6530
August 24, 2010
Take advantage of our FLUKE
25% Discount - Save about $2200 on the New Ti32
and learn from a
Level III Only the first 15 to sign up will attend this class!
Reserve your spot early, Sign up NOW!
August 20, 2010
Congratulations Students of Environmental Energy Consultants Training class for BPI Building Analyst certification exams of Aug 9-17 on 100% Written Exam success rate!!!!!!!!!
On to the Field Exam to start your new career!
August 14, 2010
Use our Contact Us form to tell us what type of Building Science course you would like to be offered along with training time(s) day, evening, and/or weekend! HOMESTAR and Missouri Homeowner Upgrade and GeoThermal Programs are coming, get prepared with BPI Certification Training NOW!
We are a LOCAL Test Center for BPI Certification Exams, here to  offer personalized training and after training support! Our hands on extened training is unmatched by the big box fast track training organizations.
August 14, 2010
Urge your local municipality officials to adopt Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE), use our form letter substituting your Mayor or economic directors name and county/city location. FORM LETTER
July 29, 2010
St. Louis County passes new 2009 energy conservation building code
Energy Efficient Codes Coalition analysis estimates Saint Louis new home energy cost savings of $238 per year.
It should be noted that these costs likely substantially understate actual cost savings because they do not incorporate expected increases in energy prices over the life of the home.
Energy Efficiency is the fastest and cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a cleaner and more sustainable environment.
Some facts to consider:
* 82.4% of Missouri's power is coal-generated, while its only 50% nationwide

* Nationally coal accounts for 83% of US Carbon Emissions

* US Residential Electricity prices have gone up 50% in last decade
Environmental Energy Consultants applauds Saint Louis County for adopting energy conservation building codes and hopes Saint Louis City, surrounding municipalities and Counties follow suit.
July 23, 2010
Thanks to the thousands of people that flooded the offices of Senate leadership earlier this week in support of HOME STAR with calls and emails! Today we have solid proof that your efforts made an impact: Senator Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) released a statement identifying HOME STAR as 1 of the 4 pillars of a new, smaller energy bill he plans to release in the coming days.
July 22, 2010
Environmental energy Consultants principal Dan Payne will visit the EverGreen Institute Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building Friday July 22, 2010 located one and a half hours west of St. Louis in rolling hills of Gerald, Missouri at 3028 Pin Oak Road Gerald, MO  63037. EverGreen Institute will be offering a free course on Home Energy Efficiency. Dan Payne will be demonstrating Blower Door and Thermal Imager use.
Please Contact Dan Chiras, PhD. @ (303) 883-8290 for more information.
 July 19, 2010
Promote PACE at your local level!
Contact your local city, county government requesting they participate in PACE programs.
Copy Environmental Energy Consultants form letter, fill in the appropriate information and send to your city Mayor, Community Development Director, City Council, County Commissioners. FORM LETTER
July 14, 2010
BPI Announces ANSI Accreditation for its Standards Programs  - The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI), a nationally recognized standards development and contractor credentialing organization is pleased to announce that it received approval today from the American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) as an accredited developer of American National Standards.
July 13, 2010
Environmental Energy Consultants principal Dan Payne along with instructor Tom Ochsner presented a seminar "Candidates Corner" at the Saint Louis chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) informing Saint Louis ASHI members of the outlook of BPI Certified energy auditors and weatherization professionals combined with Home Star and PACE.

July 12, 2010
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signs Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) into law!
PACE allows cities and counties to issue bonds and provide financing for all upfront costs of energy efficient upgrades, renewable energy upgrades and energy audits for homes and businesses. Those upgrades can be costly, and this assistance will help many projects move forward. The bill was supported by a broad range of groups including utilities, consumer advocates and environmental groups including Environmental Energy Consultants.
July 10, 2010
Environmental Energy Consultants "hands on" energy auditing and weatherization worker training program for BPI Certification exams receives accolades through the Washington Missourian newspaper with a full page featured article showing students performing air sealing of a 1906 balloon frame home in conjunction with Touch-N-Seal foam manufacture Convenience Products.
See the full story "Lessons in Going Green" @  
July 9,2010

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