We offer homeowners Weatherization/Air Sealing/Insulation and other Energy Efficiency upgrade services because we feel no one company offering only a single service understands the complexities of a "whole house as a system" approach to building science in order to achieve the energy efficiency, home comfort, or indoor air quality results you are paying for and deserve.
Our team are not just Energy Auditors and Weatherization Professionals, we are also Trainers who teach these disciplines. We are committed to energy efficiency. 
Do not just hire any insulation or weatherization company
that claims to be qualified 

Let our BPI CERTIFIED Building Science Professionals
HELP save you $ on energy costs!

CONTACTus NOW for a no obligation walk through evaluation of your home.

  • Certified Energy auditors "TEST IN" your home prior to recommending upgrades and "TEST OUT" the home after upgrades are completed to assure your home meets the projected targets of health, safety, durability and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Products & Services
Attic Insulation - Cellulose - Spray Foam
Dense Pack Wall Insulation -Cellulose
Air Sealing - Insulation Spray Foam
Basement / Crawl Space Insulation
HVAC Duct Sealing
Solar Window Screens
Low Flow Water Fixtures
Thermal Imaging

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P.O. Box 1232
Washington, Missouri 63090

PAGE DESCRIPTION: Environmental Energy Consultants is a Training Center for BPI Certification Exams. Environmental Energy Consultants offer energy auditor and weatherization worker training for BPI Certification exams through our partnership with Various Colleges and  organizations throughout the Saint Louis, MO region.