Phone: (636) 399-3227
3036 Hwy JJ
Bourbon, Missouri 65441

Dan Payne
DOE/NREL BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector & Energy Auditor
BPI Multifamily Building Analyst,
Building Analyst, Envelope Professional,
BPI Proctor, Proctor Mentor

At Environmental Energy Consultants we strive to reach the highest level of service and satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to call us or fill out the online contact form with any questions, concerns or comments and we will attend to your needs ASAP.

PAGE DESCRIPTION: Environmental Energy Consultants is a Training Center for BPI Certification Exams. Environmental Energy Consultants offer energy auditor and weatherization worker training for BPI Certification exams through our partnership with Various Colleges and  organizations throughout the Saint Louis, MO region.
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