Environmental Energy Consultants new South facing classroom facility being built on 20 sustainable acres outside Bourbon, MO.
Facility will be 1200sf classroom/living space, 720 sf garage, 288sf covered storage, grid inter tied solar powered with earthen floors, South facing passive air box heaters, composting toilet and gray water wetland retention. Installing a 2400 gallon roof water collection system for plant irrigation and livestock water system.
We are building to super energy efficiency standards with 6" dense packed cellulose walls with 1.5" DOW Thermax polyisocyanurate sheeting the exterior under metal for air tight construction (seal, seal, seal) R-27 walls and 1.5 feet raised heel energy truss R-66 blown cellulose attic.
We will be using the earthen floors as thermal mass, taking the thermal boundary 4 feet out from the building wrapping 3" extruded polystyrene up the exterior band boards, out 4 feet and down 3 feet into a drain tile system. Ground insulation will be covered with EPDM liner to keep dirt dry.
Setting the poles (The only rain this summer then 106 degrees)

Setting the trusses. Thanks to all that contributed their hard labor - Tom Ochsner(Thermal Vision), Rex Roher (Silver Seed Farms), Barry Bookout, Milo Bookout, Dan Chiras(Evergreen Institute), Joe Payne (Heartland Field Services), Bob Unnerstall, Charlie Johnson, Charles Barks (CASE Truck Driving School)
A special thanks to past BPI student Mike Vroman for assistance in truss design.

Putting on the highly reflective, energy efficient white metal roof.
(thanks to all that contributed their hard labor - Tom Ochsner, Bob Unnerstall, Charles Barks, Jody Marlow, Scotter Marlow)

Putting in the 3" of foundation perimeter insulation (R-15) sealing all joints
(we give all brands  of XEPS a chance)
Also compacting the earthen sub floor layers of clay/sand to within 5 1/2" of bottom wall board. we will install 1" XEPS/10 mil polyethelyne/1" XEPS for a vapor barrier and R-10 under our finished 3 1/2" thick earthen floors. Contemplating pex radiant floor as I now have 7 flat plate solar hot water collectors sitting in storage.

Installed 1 1/2" polyiso rigid foam (R-10) totally sealing all wood wall framing members creating a thermal break and air barrier. All joints where wood meets rigid foam are spray foamed and all seams of iso sheets are taped and foamed.
Will dense pack cellulose in 5.5" wall cavities for a total R-28.

View of South Wall.
Will have 2 - 6/0 5/0 and 1- 3/0 3/0 windows (.62 SHGC, .27 U Factor).Low E coating 180 on 3rd surface.
Will use solar screens in summer (may install overhangs 1st summer, we will see). Will have cob mass walls as well as earthern floors at interior for direct heat gain. (Thermal Mass) Due to installing floors in winter earthen floors would have taken for ever to dry so we opted for acid stained concrete.
South wall will also have 3 - 4'  x 8' insulated passive solar air box heaters installed.
(Build details to come)

Installing the clay colored metal (I know, not white. Must have some color in life)
At least the metal is a natural color.

Note the attic access hatch outside the thermal boundary

Seamless gutters installed by Paul Wilken
Wilken Seamless Gutters
Thanks Paul!

Window flashing detail
Slotting in drip edge takes longer to install but is the correct detail to keep water out.
Have seen so many metal buildings that use J channel only.

West gable end
Yes, windows facing West.
Woods shade early day in summer and the windows are low SHGC.
Solar screens to be installed also.

Finished West gable end.
The outside metal is nearing completion!!!

West wall metal complete.
Finish trim and Outside almost done! 

Installed the garage door on East wall and windows on the South, Ready for the solar air box heaters

Lots of passive heat
SHGC .62
U factor .27
Will us solar screens for summer

Installing the garage concrete floor
notice 2" extruded polystyrene with vapor barrier between the 1" sheets, sealed with sprayfoam around all edges

Building is nearing completion, should be ready for BPI certification and CEU classes to start in mid July, 2013. We are wired for everything with 26 cat 6 ports, two flat screens for PowerPoint viewing and surround sound! Also we will be holding several sustainable building and living workshops throughout the year.

Had a drywall hanging party yesterday 7/13/13. Thanks to all those who participated. Had a great time. Chad Crego (Freedom Heating and Cooling), Rex Rohrer (Silver Seed Farms), Lori Moore (Silver Seed Farms), Cris Betz, Jody Marlow, Korey Hart, Steven (Red) Gamache, Rich Hoekel, Charles Barks (Case Trucking), Tom Ochsner and Joe Payne.

CLASSROOM IS COMPLETE pics to follow!!!

Winter 2013-2014 With the air box heaters, high SHGC South glass, super insulation and air sealing the heat system does not come on often. If it is 30F outside with sunshine system does not come on!!! In fact may should have added more thermal mass to interior as sometimes have to open a window!!

Summer 2014 utility bills running a little less than $20 a month not including the $25 the utility company charges for the privilege of sending me a bill. Keeping it 70F. Solar screens installed on all windows, working GREAT. A/C does not come on very often even on the hottest days.