I have been monitoring my energy usage ever since the day improvements started. Your energy audit is exactly what I needed so I knew what direction to take and where to spend my money. The geothermal install cut my energy bills almost in half, and your insulation and air sealing services cut it down another 20-30%!
John S.
Update: John has now installed photovoltaics (zero is the goal!)
As a homeowner installed system and with Amern MO rebates & Federal tax credits John is paying almost nothing for his 5400 watt system.

I recently was forced into a career change due to the economy. I lost not one but two well-paying union jobs in less than 4 yrs, not due to performance but seniority. Last year I decided to invest in myself and put my future in my hands. I became an insulation contractor and an installer. Knowing the rising cost and lowering housing market, this decision just made sense. The draw back to this was my lack of experience in explaining the pros of my product and the cons of the inferior insulation products used for the last few decades.
  BPI courses have helped me identify numerous areas of improvement of my clients' homes. Dan Payne covered a lot of material and shared his experiences with the class. He is very thorough in his coverage of the energy efficient improvements. The course that I took has boosted my sales, improved my confidence in explaining my product, and most importantly has helped me make the right suggestions to my clients which saves them money and energy.
  BPI also helps identify possible safety issues that might come into play with making energy upgrades from outdated wiring to carbon monoxide problems or microbial growth issues.
 If anyone is thinking that a  green collar job might be the way of their future, I would most definitely talk with Dan about his training and classes. They will get a great ROI in a short time.
M. Carson

My wife and I recently contracted with Dan Payne of Environmental Energy Consultants for an energy audit.  Our home is approximately 20 years old and had several major issues that have since been addressed.  Consequently, our monthly energy bills were terrible.
As part of Dan’s audit process, he conducted a blower door test that clearly measured the “tightness” of our home.  He also utilized an infrared camera which pinpointed exactly where the heat or cold was escaping.  These steps, along with Dan’s considerable knowledge of home construction and energy loss, enabled him to provide us a very detailed list of remedial measures.  We then met with Dan to prioritize these measures, and have since fixed almost all of them.  Dan actually found several hidden areas in our home which had no insulation at all.  
Dan is one of the most thorough consultants with which I have ever worked.  His audit process was very detailed and thoroughly explained in terms that we could understand.  He was very honest about which remedial measures would really make a difference and which wouldn’t.  He recommended a couple of contractors, but also encouraged us to pursue other contractors, as well.  He came back on site a couple of times during the “correction” phase of the project.  And, he came back after the remedial measures were complete and did another blower door test to measure the improvement in air flow.
We could not have asked for a more professional, a more technically competent, or a more thorough energy consultant.  I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is paying too much in energy bills and isn’t really sure why.  The cost of the energy audit was worth every penny.  We will likely recover the cost of the audit and the remedial measures in less than two years of energy savings.
Jim A. Dotson

PAGE DESCRIPTION: Environmental Energy Consultants is a Training Center for BPI Certification Exams. Environmental Energy Consultants offer energy auditor and weatherization worker training for BPI Certification exams through our partnership with Various Colleges and  organizations throughout the Saint Louis, MO region.

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