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BPI Building Analyst (BSP, BA-T, BA-P) Certification Course

Course Description:

This course prepares students for the BPI Building Science Principles, Building Analyst-Technical, and Building Analyst-Professional Certification Online and Field Examinations. Students will receive thorough instruction in:

•Building Science principles

•The Mathematics of Energy Auditing

•Health and Safety requirements

•Building Analyst Technical Standards

•BPI Standards

•Applicable NREL Standard Work Specifications (SWS)

•Relevant project/programmatic requirements and documentation

•Diagnostic equipment usage and results interpretation

•Ventilation system flow-rate testing procedures and results interpretation

•Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) safety diagnostics and Worst-Case Depressurization (WCD) testing procedures, results interpretation, and action levels

•HVAC systems diagnostics testing and results interpretation

•Blower door testing procedures and results interpretation

•Zonal and duct pressure differential testing and results interpretation

•Energy modeling software data entry and results interpretation

Total Classroom Instruction/Exams Hours: 48

Total Field Instruction/Exams Hours: 8

Instructor(s): Caleb Copeland-Cook / Jacob Delaloye


8:30 am – 5:00 pm daily (30-minute lunch each day)

Monday-Thursday Morning – Classroom Training

Thursday Afternoon – Building Science Principles Written Exam

Friday – Field Training

Saturday – Building Analyst – Technical Field Exams

Sunday – Building Analyst – Technical Field Exams Cont’d / Building Analyst – Professional Written Exam

Attendance to this course qualifies attendees for 16 BPI CEUs.

Course schedule is subject to change based on student needs and the time required for exams.

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