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Energy Modeling Software Training

ORNL Weatherization Assistant v8.9 to v10 - Transition

Course Description: 


This course consists of two 8-hour days of in-person classroom and hands-on instruction on the use of ORNL’s Weatherization Assistant v10 (NEAT/MHEA) computer energy modeling software program, including: 

  • Differences between WAv10 and WAv8.9

  • Conversion to WAv10 from WAv8.9

  • Site data collection

  • Client data input

  • Building components data input

  • Mechanical equipment data input

  • Report generation and results analysis

    • Pre- / Post-retrofit heating/cooling load analysis

    • Energy saving measure economics results analysis

    • Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR)

  • Utilities cost calculation

  • Measure library cost calculation

  • Work Scope generation

  • Relevant programmatic requirements and documentation


Total Classroom Instruction/Exams Hours: 16


Instructor(s): Caleb Copeland-Cook / Jacob Delaloye




Both days: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (30-minute lunch) 


The required submission of 10 energy modeling software audits for application approval to challenge the BPI Energy Auditor Certification exams can be bypassed by attending an Energy Modeling training course.

Attending this course qualifies BPI Certified Professionals to receive 8 BPI CEUs.


Schedule subject to change based on student needs and time required for exams.

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